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As I sit here now, there is the distinct buzzing of our brand new electric lawn mower as my husband wrestles with it for the first time. I smell burning. I tell him he needs to raise the blades because he is burning it right down to the ground and will kill it. Usually it would be me doing that type of thing, but this getting older thing is not being kind to my body. Nor is the being overweight thing. But regardless, I've had to delegate the majority of the manual labor to dear hubby, who is a computer geek, not the handyman type. (Although he can build a mean Sauder bookshelf or desk!) ;-)  We have bought 2 tall 5-shelf and one smaller 2-shelf bookshelves for the new house so we FINALLY have enough storage space for all of our books and DVDs. We vowed that we were going to keep clutter to a minimum here, the first step of which entails having enough storage options/surfaces for the stuff that is most important to us. The bed box we got has 3 drawers in each side, which provides extra storage options beyond the dresser and closet. In our old house, the clutter was worst in our bedroom, and clothes and laundry got stacked on top of laundry baskets, then more clothes got draped over those, until there was a huge pile from which we dressed ourselves. It was incredibly daunting to think of trying to sort through it all, which led to feeling depressed because it had gotten so bad, which...well, I'm sure I don't have to go any further. I know I'm not the only one who's experienced that particular cycle. But hey--that's what this new house thing is going to do for us, dammit...it's going to set us free from the clutter!  Right? ;-)

The other day I got an ION keyboard in the mail after having seen one of the commercials on tv. I have been wanting a backlit keyboard since before I even knew it was possible to do--and now I have one!  It also comes with a mouse and mousepad with 4 USB hub in it, all of which was plug and play. I paid a bit more for it than I probably would have under normal circumstances, but as someone in #callahans pointed out to me, if I've wanted it forever, then it's NOT an impulse buy. :-)

Oh, lordy...I just looked out the back window and there are strips of grass in between the 'rows' he's mowed that he missed...and he's all like, "it's good enough". argh. It looks like a 10 year old did it.

If you want something done right...

Edit: I have since shown him the practice of overlapping the rows (in the front and side yard) and he has just gone back (on his own accord) to go over the back yard again. Success! :-)

Date: 2007-05-04 08:27 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] hitchhiker.livejournal.com
whoa - i'd never heard of backlit keyboards before. the ION looks amazingly cool.


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