May. 6th, 2007

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Whilst browsing the specialty liquor store that we now live just down the street from last night (yes, we *browse* for booze!) ;-) I found something that sounded SOOO good I just had to try them. They are Mint Chip Maltballs. The description on the package is: "Crispy maltballs encased in dark chocolate and a mint-cookie coating". Being a huge fan of Whoppers (the candy, not the burger, in this case) you can only imagine how good these sounded. And I must of the nicest little treats I've allowed myself in a long time.

On Friday my best friend Dan and I went shopping for some groceries and other stuff for the house, but near the Taco Bell we stopped at for food there was a Fashion Bug, so we stopped in since that's one of the few places I can actually find plus-size clothes. I can usually find something that will fit me, however I usually end up paying more for that privelege. We didn't find much there, but there was also a T.J. Maxx and a Lane Bryant in the same strip mall, so we hit each of those, too. I was just about ready to give up when Dan and I both locked onto a cool pair of capri-length jeans. Now, since I have such short legs, shorts tend to be closer to capri length on me and capris end up being closer to 'normal' length for me, whereas 'normal' length pants end up something like footie pajama bottoms on me. Anyway, these capris were denim and actually had a rolled up cuff which you could either keep rolled up that way (they have little bolts on the side to keep them there) or rolled down as jeans. They just happened to be in my size, and they were $39.99, which is normally way more than I'd pay for one item of clothing (usually shop at the Salvation Army on a take-things-as-you-find-them basis) but as Dan pointed out, I NEVER buy anything at full price so I shouldn't feel bad about spending more to have a nice pair that actually fit me right. They ended up fitting, and after I found out when I went up to pay for them they were also 30% off, and if I applied for a Fashion Bug card (which I likely will probably never use) I could get an additional 10% off. So they ended up costing me only $22, and they can either be long shorts or jeans, so they're dual-purpose :-)

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