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1. I am a staunch homebody. My husband and I have all of our toys here, where we can get at them, so we don't have to drive other places and pay to get in to be entertained.

2. I have an obsession with older men, and have since I was a teenager. These include Anthony Stewart Head, Peter Davison, Sean Connery, Rutger Hauer, Richard Dean Anderson, and Sylvester McCoy primarily.

3. I have a bicep fetish. I love nicely toned arms, and I don't care whether they're on a male or a female. ;-) Examples include Madonna, Linda Hamilton in the Terminator movies, Jamie Bamber ("Apollo" on the new Battlestar Galactica series), Katee Sackhoff ("Starbuck" on BSG), and the guy who plays Jason Stackhouse on "True Blood". Oh. My. God. ;-)

4. I have a ridiculous amount of music in my possession, as I am a total music freak. I used to know millions of useless facts about the groups I listened to but it gets harder to keep up with them all now that I'm 41.

5. I have an obsession with lava lamps. I could literally decorate my entire house with them. And other forms of indirect lighting, actually, which leads to:

6. Neon lighting. Same as above.

7. My interior decorating taste seems to be stuck between the 80s and 90s and includes abstract, geometric, and contemporary facets. This, as you can all imagine, leads to terrible indecision as to how to decorate our house, which is why:

8. Two years after moving in, our new house is still almost entirely undecorated. Mostly this is because it took us almost a year to find a renter for our old house, so we didn't have the extra money to decorate, but now it's pretty much down to laziness. ;-)

9. I am extremely proficient at spelling and grammar, and have a tendency (whether unreasonable or not) to look down on others who are not. I can't help it, though. Everywhere you look I could show you examples of why the world needs more proofreaders.

10. I have no children nor have I ever wanted them. And thank whichever deity you prefer that I had the sense to know that *ahead of time*. However, I love animals and treat my pets with the kind of love and respect most people reserve for their children.

11. I am a musician, and taught myself to play guitar by ear. I can play 6 or 12-string guitar, some bass, keyboards by ear, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, clarinet, and have recently taught myself to play the spoons, a la Sylvester McCoy (and Peter Davison, as well!) I also sing, and my voice is well suited to folksy/acoustic rock like the Indigo Girls.

12. I am completely physically and psychologically addicted to (soda) pop. My absolute favorite is Berries 'n Cream diet Dr Pepper, although they've evidently stopped making that so I have to settle for the Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. My entire fridge could be empty but I don't start to freak out until the pop is gone.

13. If it hadn't been for the X-Files, I would never have met my husband. Online. (He lived in Scotland at the time.)

14. I am a huge geek girl. Have been since grade school, when all the other girls were worrying about makeup and clothes, and I was hanging out with the 'smart' but geeky guys who were into Star Trek. I just found one of them here on FB, and we are an almost perfect intellectual match in Lexulous :-)

15. Literally 90% of my life revolves around the internet, for better or for worse.

16. I can be a horrible pack rat at times and have collections of many things ranging from bubble gum cards to action figures (I have a 12" Giles from Buffy figure on my desk as we speak, and an already impressive collection of Doctor Who figures. These are not counting the ones from Angel, Babylon 5, Deep Space 9, and SeaQuest DSV!

17. I don't at all mind the fact that I'm going gray; I just wish that it would come in in stripes on each side or something really cool like that instead of the salt and pepper thing that I've got going on. Also, in order to see my gray, I have to leave my hair its natural color, which I detest. That's the main reason I color it.

18. I can be completely physically disabled by the sight of something small and cute. Add whiskers for bonus points. Small and cute is my Kryptonite.

19. Right now my most prized possession is my 'baby laptop', my Acer Aspire netbook. It takes cute and compact to a completely new level while retaining total geek points.

20. About every two of three hours I have to go find my kitty and kiss her. This is mandatory. :-)

21. I have a huge thing for accents--particularly Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and some English. David Tennant's voice is just drop-dead gorgeous IMO.

22. Despite my best intentions, I am horrendously lazy.

23. I'm a great big tomboy, and have been all my life.

24. I'm all for spirituality, but religion scares the hell out of me.

25. Howard Jones' album "Revolution of the Heart" rocks my world in an almost unrivaled way. I have a minor religious experience every time I listen to the song "For You See Me".
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